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Automated Benchmarking System (ABS)

Department: Independent Agency
Agency: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ( )
Sub Agency: Energy Star ( )
ABS ( ) is a free web service designed to exchange energy use data and facility information, with EPA’s Portfolio Manager software tool. Using XML-based Web Services provided by the EPA, third-party energy service companies can securely provide energy and building data from their systems to Portfolio Manager in exchange for receiving the EPA’s energy performance rating and other related energy and environmental performance metrics.

Registration required.
Help/Documentation: ,
WSDL/Data Location:
String Version (Used for sending the XML file as an XML string):

Attachment Version (Used for sending the XML file as a SOAP attachment):

Note: Once you have registered and tested your code using the test versions of the WSDL, you can switch over to the production versions of the WSDLs.

confirmAuthServiceUsed by the ESP to send back an approval or denial of any authorization request received through the Get Pending Authorizations service along with all appropriate ESP Ids
deauthServiceUsed to formally end the automated benchmarking process for any customer’s buildings.
getBuildingDetailUsed to get all general building and space usage information for any ESP customer’s building that exist in Portfolio Manager
getMeterDetailUsed to get all authorized meter and energy consumption data for any ESP customer’s building that exists in Portfolio Manager.
getPendingAuthServiceUsed to get information about ESP customers that have requested you to provide automated benchmarking through Portfolio Manager
getTransactionStatusThis function will return the status for the transaction id (TXNS_ID) requested
manageBuildingsUsed to upload, modify, and remove general building information for an ESP customer
manageMetersUsed to upload, replace, and remove meter and energy consumption information for an ESP customer.
resRequestServiceUsed to retrieve ratings and other metrics from different 12-month periods

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