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Animal Identification Numbering Management System (AINMS)
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Department: US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Agency: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service ( )
Sub Agency:
AINMS ( ) is a web-based program used to administer the issuance of Animal Identification Numbers (AINs), to record the distribution of devices with the AIN and for the retirement of the AIN devices from abattoirs, etc. The AIN is one official numbering system defined by the Code of Federal Regulations and contains a 15-digit number. The AINs, starting with "840" (the numeric representation for USA), is administered through the AINMS. The AINs are one option that may be used to identify animals individually to support State and Federal animal-disease monitoring and surveillance programs. AINs may also be used by industry for performance recording or breed registration or other programs they provide.

A USDA eAuthentication account id is required ( ).
Help/Documentation:;jsessionid=a5dd26e330dee148a7855421444bb9298b4241c4b93c.e3uQb3qQbxiTe3eQaNmSb3uPai1ynknvrkLOlQzNp65In0 , ,
WSDL/Data Location:
acknowledgeScrapieOrderService to acknowledge a scrapie order. A manufacturer acknowledges a scrapie order when they are ready to fulfill the order.
createAinShipmentEventCreate a Shipment event. Will work for 840 ain ids as well as non-840 ids, provided the ids are allocated to the application.
createPackageFromAinsService to create a package from an array of AINs. Used only by manufacturers and only for AIN ids that have been allocated but never shipped.
createPackageFromAinsAdminCreates a package from an array of AINs. Used only by system administrators to correct mistakes made in creating or breaking packages.
createPackageFromPackagesCreates a package from an array other packages. Used only by manufacturers and only for AIN ids that have been allocated but never shipped.
createScrapieOrderCreates a Scrapie Program order in AINM. Tag manufacturers can create scrapie orders but only for their own NPN to fulfill. Scrapie health official can create scrapie orders for any manufacturer to fulfill.
findProgramOrdersSearch for Scrapie orders.
fulfillScrapieOrderFulfill a scrapie order. A manufacturer fulfills a scrapie order when they apply tag ids to the order.
getAllEventsForAinA helper service to find out all the events for a given tag id. If the tag exists but the calling user does not have access to the tag id’s history, the service will not return any information.
getNumCurrentAllocatedHoldingsA helper service to find out how many tag ids are currently at the premises' location
getScrapieCustomerService to retrieve a Scrapie Program customer from the ASHM/GDB database.
getStateProducerShipReportReturns a report of all shipments to producer premises in the specified state in the specified date range.
hasAinBeenShippedDetermines if a tag id has been shipped from a manufacturer which indicates that the tag id is probably active.
requestAinAllocationRequest an allocation of 840 AIN ids for the given premises.
requestNon840AinAllocationRequest an allocation of 840 AIN ids for the given premises. Note that typically only an administrator is allowed to allocate non-840 ids to a manufacturer.
verifyPremisesReturns address information for the given premises Id.


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