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Air Quality System (AQS) Data Mart

Department: Independent Agency
Agency: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ( )
Sub Agency:
The AQS Data Mart ( ) is a database containing all of the information from the AQS system. The Air Quality System (AQS) is EPA's repository of ambient air quality data. AQS stores data from over 10,000 monitors, 5000 of which are currently active. State, local and tribal agencies collect the data and submit it to AQS on a periodic basis. The AQS Data Mart was built as a storehouse of air quality information that allows users to make complex, time consuming queries.

The AQS Data Mart includes information from the EPA’s substance and facility registry systems to allow for cross-media integration. It also contains the physical descriptions of monitors as the owners have entered into AQS. This includes the geographic location (latitude, longitude, elevation, and datum), the political entity where the monitor resides (tribal land or state + county), administrative information about the monitor (the agencies responsible for its operation and its schedule) and information related to the monitoring protocol: the substance (parameter) measured, the sampling method, the sampling schedule, the duration of each sample taken, the analysis method, and whether the methods are approved or equivalent reference methods.
WSDL/Data Location:
Web service access to the data mart is only available by request. Send your request to: . Your request should include your full name and email address.


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